Pond elf

Maze when she was 8, right before she traded her clothes for the first time.

is a 10-year-old mostly-elf girl. She also has some human blood, but not a lot. Her dad left before she was born and her mom got ill and died when Maze was 5.

Before her mom died, she got Maze a job as a servant so she would have some care. They were very very poor, so there was not much for Maze to bring. She took a small wooden wagon and put the thin mat she slept on in it. She took all 3 of her blankets, washed them, and put them in the wagon, too. The wagon was like a little bed on wheels. Maze had only 1 set of clothing, but she washed it all and dressed in it all. She took 2 sewing needles and a spool of thread to keep her clothes and blankets in good condition. From the cupboard by the stove, Maze took a spoon, fork, and the best knife she could find. She took a dish, a cup, a small cooking pot and a wooden cooking spoon. She packed the bowl, dish and utensils in the pot and hung the pot from the side of the wagon. She took a big bottle and filled it with water and placed it in the corner of the wagon. She gathered all the candles she could find around the house and put them in the pot, too. Then she left.

At her job, she worked as a servant. Her wagon was put in a closet and she slept there. Maze planed to run away. She took a length of rope and added it to her wagon. She added a better knife to her supply of things, and she took 2 warm blankets form the linen closet (she was afraid they would notice if she took more). She also stole a large piece of water-proof and wind-proof fabric. When she was 7, she ran away. She found willow branches at creek, and used a hand full of nails she had stolen. She nailed the willow branches to one side of the wagon, then bend them to the other side and nail them. This created half-hoops over the wagon. She stretched the water and wind
Fallen tree pond
proof fabric over the hoops and used the nails and sewing supplies to secure it.

Maze traveled far in the beginning, because she didn't want to be taken back to be a servant some more. She knew which plants were O.K. to eat and which ones weren't, from when she lived with her mom.

She had 2 sets of clothes, one from when she lived with her mom (which were much too small for her now) and one from when she worked as a servant that has been given to her when she outgrew her original set of clothes. And now her 2nd set was starting to get to small. She went to a town where there was a small market. She traded her clothes from when she lived with her mom for a new set, that fit her and were a little too big, so she could wear them for a while. She went back to the creek were she was camping and put on her new clothes. She washed the set of clothes she had been wearing and the next day, when the clothes had dried, she traded them, too. And this is how she clothes herself; by traded her clothes whenever they become to small for her. And she washed them well and uses her sewing things to fix them whenever they get holes or rips, so they she is always able to get a good trade for them.

When she was 8, almost 9, she was passing a small farm when it started to storm really hard. Maze knocked on the door and asked if she could stay in the barn that night. The people agreed. That night, their donkey gave birth to twins. One was week and the mother rejected it. They offered her the week twin, and she took it. For the next week, she stayed on the farm, nursing the donkey to health. They left when the foal was about a month old, because there was no real reason to stay longer. The mom would'nt let the foal nurse anyways. Maze named her foal Amaya. At the farm they gave her a halter, blanket, and bucket for Amaya.


Thought find it in nature and trading for it at markets, Maze has acquired many useful things

Category Objects How she got them
  • Dish
  • Cup
  • Fork
  • Spoon
  • 2 knifes
  • Small pot
  • Wooden spoon
She took them from her home when she was 5.
  • Small wooden wagon
  • Sleeping mat
  • 5 blankets
She took the wagon, mat, and 3 of the blankets from her home when she was 5. She took the other 2 blankets from the house were she was a servant.
  • Small wooden wagon
  • Water and wind proof fabric wagon cover
  • Willow branch hoops to hold up the fabric cover
She took the wagon from her home when she was 5. She took the fabric cover from the house were she was a servant. She found the willow branches in nature. She secured the cover with nails she stole for the house were she was a servant and her sewing supplies she took from her home when she was 5.
  • Halter
  • Lead rope
  • Blanket
  • Bucket
  • Brush
  • Amaya herself, although Maze does'nt think of Amaya as a possession
All from the farm Amaya came from.
  • Long-sleeved dress that comes to her knees
  • Thick pair of warm leggings that come past her ankles (she has to roll up the cuffs)
  • Pair of good socks
  • Pair of leather boots
  • A good jacket
  • Scarf
She traded the clothing she wore from her home when she was 5 and the clothing they gave her when she was a servant.
Keeping her things in good condition
  • 2 needles
  • A spool of thread
  • A bar of soap
  • A rag
She took her sewing things and rag from her home when she was 5. She traded for her soap.
Getting food
  • Big bottle for holding water in
  • A small, simple fishing pole
  • A basket she wove for holding and gathering food
  • Several ceramic jars with cork stoppers full of herbs for medicine, tea, and flavoring her food.
She took her bottle from her home when she was 5. She traded for her fishing pole and ceramic jars, and she wove the basket out of things she found and she gathers her herbs herself.
Objects with multiple uses (Her other objects have multiple uses, too, but there do'nt really have a category to go in)
  • 4 candles
  • A length of strong rope
She stole the rope when she was a servant. She took candles from her home when she was 5, but those have been burnt up by now. Her current candles are bees-wax candles she traded for.

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